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One Central Square


Designing & building a new branding identity for a local Office space rental company.


The OCS building in Cardiff


The brief

One Central Square is an office space rental company in the middle of Cardiff City Centre. We partnered with them to redesign their online platform to help showcase the robust professionalism that the company had worked so hard to create.

Their current website lacked any real UX direction or bespoke branding and the staff felt it did a poor job of conveying their company ethos & high quality service.

We created a bespoke UX strategy focused on showcasing the gorgeous office space & generating enquiries through a new marketing website. We also created a brand new branding design to really make their website stand out against their market competitors.

Assorted screenshots of the One Central Square existing website
A wireframe of the OVOC website A wireframe of the OVOC website A wireframe of the OVOC website
A wireframe of the OVOC website A wireframe of the OVOC website A wireframe of the OVOC website


The approach

We refocused the entire design on providing a marketing narrative which the existing site lacked completely. We designed a user journey to showcase the office space and provide tools to convert users in the form of a Call To Action enquiry form.

We employed a bright, contrasting visual design to draw users in to consume the content. We focused on the high quality photography OCS had of their office space and showcased it using image galleries and custom brochure style cut outs.

The content design was predicated around providing the user with the necessary information they required to make a purchasing decision. We identified two forms of important content in the research phase - Exclusion criteria & Decision criteria. Each user had a specific set of must haves (parking/price/location etc) which were then supplemented by nice to haves (internet speed/on-site refreshments/professional reception etc). These were reflected in the page hierarchies on the new website to allow users to easily access this information.

"I can't thank BlackSkull enough. We love our new website. We can now be proud sending people the link!"

John Lambert

Building Manager | One Central Square


Work dashboard


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