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Our data policy


This website abides by EU GDPR law when dealing with personal data.

We understand that new regulation can be scary. We saw all the media attention on leaked data and companies selling off your personal data for profit.

Here at BlackSkull we are hard working folk just like you. We would be upset if someone sold our data so we make sure your data never leaves our database.


What is our data policy?

We want you to feel safe using our service.

Below is our stance on data vs what the EU law states.

Do we have a lawful basis for processing data?

Yes. An email newsletter is considered a lawful basis under EU law.

Have we made the consent request for your newsletter separate from other things like your privacy policy, cookies, or terms and conditions?

Yes. We clearly show that using the site the user is agreeing to our cookie policy, our data policy is for submitting email addresses.

Do we ask new subscribers to positively opt in?

Absolutely. The subscription to our email newsletter is entirely optional.

Is our opt-in written in easy language that most people could easily understand?

Of course! If you feel this isnt the case please contact us.

Are we specific about what emails we'll send?

Of course! But just to reiterate we send content releases (blog posts/social media articles), useful third party content, industry updates (like SEO changes) and company discounts, nothing else. No spam.

Will any third parties have access to the data? Have we shared that in our consent form?

No third parties will ever receive your data.

Is it easy for individuals to withdraw their consent?

Absolutely. Every email we send will have an unsubscribe link. You can also email us directly and we will remove your details from our database.

Will withdrawing consent have no impact on the user’s relationship with your service?

Absolutely not. We consider it a privalege to be able to share our knowledge with users and we will not treat any customer differently if they remove consent.

Do we have age-verification measures, if applicable?

Not applicable. If this changes we will update our data policy.

1. Storage of personal data

The information you provide to us during your use of any of our services including newsletter subscriptions & quote submissions will be stored in a secure database and accessed via a single computer. This information will be used to either send newsletter emails or provide quotations for work or general correspondence. Any and all data captured during these events will not be shared with third parties. Data can be considered email addresses, names, telephone numbers, business names & addresses, job titles & locations. You may request this data to be deleted at any time.

2. Email newsletter subscription

If you opt in to our newsletter service you are giving us consent to use your email address to send articles, promotional marketing content & other content we think you may find interesting. Please note that if you click on an externally produced article or piece of content that was not written by us, and submit your personal data to them we are not liable for any breach of data practice from their end. Our privacy policy only applies to OUR emails and content. Read external sources at your own risk. Should you wish to stop receiving our emails you may opt out at any time by replying to the email indicating your intent, clicking on the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email or contacting us directly.

3. Sharing of personal data

We will not sell or share your personal data with any external company, ever. We may use a CRM management tool such as Hubspot CRM to manage our email correspondence. Hubspot will be able to see whichever emails we add into the client database but is not used by hubspot. See the below excerpt from Hubspot’s privacy policy:

“HubSpot CRM only ever uses the text of your emails to display the emails on the contact record of the recipient in your CRM. HubSpot doesn’t share that information to people outside your team, sell it, or engage in any sort of anonymized collection of email bodies for analytics.”

4. Duration of stored personal data

We will not hold such data for any longer than is necessary for the purposes set out in this privacy statement. We will delete your personal data within 2 working days should you request it to be deleted.

5. Storage of sensitive data

Bank account details and payment methods are obviously used by us when processing invoices. They are stored by us internally for use in self assessment tax forms. The data will never be shared with a third party or used for any other reason. Unfortunately due to the fact that we have to submit yearly tax returns you may not request this information to be deleted. Doing so would breach UK trading law.

7. Destroying your data

You may request at any time, without notice for us to delete any and all data we store for you. This only applies to your personal or sensitive data and you cannot request us to delete a seperate entities data. Sensitive data acquired during payment for services may not be requested to be deleted as outlined in section 5.

8. Cookies

Please refer to our cookie policy here

9. Acceptance

By using this website, you are accepting our cookie policy and consenting for us to use your anonymous analytical data for use in improving our websites design. You may block or restrict cookies through your browser. Please refer to your browser documentation on how to do this.

By submitting personal data to subscribe to our newsletter, request a quotation or contact us directly (via telephone or email) you are accepting this data policy and you consent to the use (including storage and processing), of your information (personal and sensitive) and data for the purposes set out in this data policy.

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